Rob Carter Gospel Show - Company Message
The Rob Carter Gospel Show is sponsored by the Brush Country Cowboy Church of Live Oak County, George West, TX.  Tune in every Sunday evening to Real Country KFTX 97.5 FM in Corpus Christi or online at  at 6:00PM.  Rob plays the best of Country Gospel artists and always throws in a couple of original tunes of the many gospel and patriotic songs he's written.  He adds some humor and  other information about the artists with some  interaction with KFTX's Chuck Abel giving his thoughts and personal experiences with the artists. 
The format also includes some Straight Talk with Pastor Pat Traxler.  Each week the show has a featured artist who also presents the week's
Gospel Tribute.
Today, Oct. 5th, 2014, Rob is performing for the second time in as many days on the deck of the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, TX for the 50th
Anniversary of the For Mustang.  Today's show is a gospel show for all
the Mustang owners with their Mustangs on deck as well as all other visitors
on the Lexington.

Rob is available for all occasions and offers a plethora of entertainment.  Theme parties, anniversaries, reunions, wedding receptions, festivals, Big Band/Swing aka Frank Sinatra, Country, Johnny Cash to George Strait, 50's, Elvis (to 70's)  Roy Orbison, Gospel Shows, "Gospel Moment Shows", all with a variety of tunes from all eras.
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